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 “The African Worldview of life is holistic and cyclical. When you meet Dr. Boikai Twe, you experience the continuity of the Pan-Africanism circle. He taught African American Psychology with such passion that community members and leaders lined up to take his class including myself. More than three decades later, the college still hosts the PreKwanzaa Ceremony he initiated. As a transcontinental trailblazer, the Dayton community continues to solicit Dr. Twe’s expertise and wisdom. Grona Boy Go Zion is a treasure for those who did not have the benefit of meeting him in person. The ancestors are smiling.” —Mama Nozipo Glenn, Dayton Africana Elders Council

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"Dr. Boikai Twe is a master teacher who spent a life time building cultural leaders and stronger communities. His love and service to youths, community, and the African diaspora will be a source of inspiration to all who seek knowledge, truth, and beauty.” —Willis Bing Davis, founder and director of Shango: Center for the Study of African American Art and Culture

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Not knowing your past is like embarking on a journey without knowing the destination. Through storytelling, Dr. Twe brings together heritage, literature, and psychology as instruments for nation-building. Grona Boy illustrates the wonderful ways God works to “lift the poor from the dirt and the needy from the garbage dump to seat them among princes.” (Psalm 113:5-8) Reading this fascinating book will influence you for the better.” —Rev. Daniel A. Iselaiye, retired professor of philosophy

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Book Summary:  
- A single mother united a village to rear boys into men.
- The complexity of blackness in finding your way and developing your identity. 
- Rastafari and its contribution to the reconstruction of African spirituality and culture. 
- Influences of African religious/spirituality and literature on African psychology. 

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